The Company

Adinotec’s technology is aimed at soil improvement and base-course stabilisation, bringing short-lifespan cement-based binder applications out of their niche existence into the mainstream of roadway construction.

Since its listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Adinotec has worked on a wide range of soil conditions, from desert sand to frozen tundra.


Founded in 2004, the trigger-idea was to research material technology in order to arrive at new-age binder and delivery designs which make use of advantages obtained through manipulating molecular combinations.

A breakthrough occurred in 2006 with the invention of a latex-based liquid polymer formulation which could be safely put into the ground in emulsified form and, on contact with hydraulic binder material, gel to a subterranean network of enhanced stability.

A decline in economic performance related to the worldwide recession required deep-cutting restructuring of the company. The business model of striving to compete in more than ten countries as a full-fledged construction company, proved no longer sustainable. Among the measures taken were cost cutting, replacement of the entire senior management, filing for insolvency in late 2015, realignment of the focus to be a provider of technology only to construction companies, predominantly in Europe. After a brief stint under Chapter 11 reorganisation, Adinotec AG was back on solid ground.

A major improvement was achieved in early 2016 with the modification of the existing product formulation to be delivered in dehydrated states. The implications for both optimal application as well as economic efficiency were significant.